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Announcements Announcements  HRS Events: 2016-2017  31 6 days ago
Calendar Calendar  Use the Calendar list to keep informed of upcoming meetings, deadlines, and other important events.  211 7 days ago
Calls for Volunteers Calls for Volunteers  Volunteers needed for upcoming section activities ...   1 5 years ago
Contacts to Affiliates Contacts to Affiliates  Points of Contact to Student Chapters, Engineering Councils, and Other Organizations.  8 8 years ago
Corporate Sponsors Corporate Sponsors  The Hampton Roads Section has received sponsorship from organizations in the local area:  14 5 months ago
Honors/Awards Honors/Awards    207 4 months ago
HRS Events: 2009-2010 HRS Events: 2009-2010  Activities and events sponsored by the Hampton Roads Section during the 2009-2010 fiscal year.  23 5 years ago
HRS Events: 2010-2011 HRS Events: 2010-2011  Events of the Hampton Roads Section between June 1, 2010 to May 31, 2011  42 5 years ago
HRS Events: 2011-2012 HRS Events: 2011-2012  Upcoming events of  the Hampton Roads Section for 2011 - 2012  33 4 years ago
HRS Events: 2012-2013 HRS Events: 2012-2013  HRS Events and Announcements for 2012-2013  31 4 years ago
HRS Events: 2013-2014 HRS Events: 2013-2014  HRS Events and Announcements for 2013-2014  26 4 years ago
HRS Events: 2014-2015 HRS Events: 2014-2015  HRS Events: 2014-2015  21 3 years ago
HRS Events: 2015-2016 HRS Events: 2015-2016  HRS Events: 2015-2016  30 2 years ago
Objectives of Section Objectives of Section    1 5 years ago
Officers Officers    39 7 months ago
Quick Links Quick Links  Links to other sites of interest  5 4 years ago
Scholarship Scholarship  The Hampton Roads section sponsors a "Futures in Aerospace" scholarship program for graduating high school students in the local area  2 4 weeks ago
Scholarship Winners Scholarship Winners  Winners of the HRS "Futures In Aerospace Scholarship" program since its inception in 1985.  71 7 months ago
Section Documents Section Documents  Contains documents such as ByLaws, Scholarship Guidelines, and general information.  4 7 months ago