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 Officers Information

Full NamePositionAffiliationEmail
David S
John C LeylegianCouncil MemberManhattan
Emil J SchoonejansCouncil
Jason S TyllCouncil MemberOrbital
Joseph R FragolaCouncil MemberAstiGroup,
Ronald W McCaffreyCouncil
Muhammad A HayanCouncil
Peter KontogiannisCouncil MemberCox & Company,
Gerard T YurchisonCouncil MemberEast/West Industries,
Anthony M AgnoneCouncil
Anthony M AgnoneEducation
David S ParisEssay Contest
Wilfred G MackeyHonors & Awards
David S ParisNewsletter
John C LeylegianNewsletter PublisherManhattan
David S ParisPrograms
David S ParisPublic Policy
Wilfred G MackeyRAC
Wilfred G
Gregory E HomatasVice ChairMTA New York City
Nicholas DiZinnoWebsite
Emil J SchoonejansYoung Professional
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