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Announcements: Monthly Message from the AIAA NCS Chairperson Bruce Milam, September 2011


Monthly Message from the AIAA NCS Chairperson Bruce Milam, September 2011 


Summer vacations are complete and students prepare for the beginning of classes. The AIAA-NCS management team is preparing programs and activities for the upcoming year. The goal is to maintain and improve our current programs then expand STEM activities. The successful Luncheon series at Pier 7 will continue due to the efforts of the new vice-chair for programs Marty Fredrick the leader of the programs comittie. The luncheons will start with a rolling presentation of the sponsors and a STEM story.  The STEM Story will be a brief snapshot of a successful STEM activity provided by you the AIAA members and corporate membership.  The new PublicPolicy Chairperson Mike Wooster is planning a public policy Roundtable on alternating months. Reg Smith is actively planning two Embassy events. The Young Professional Scientist/Engineer dinner and SSTC Town Hall planning is underway with the leadership of Jack Koletty.  The excellent Science Fair work will continue with the leadership of a comittie to spread the load and facilitate the desiminstion of lessons learned from previous years. As in the past your support is needed to judge projects and advise students developing their projects.  I will never forget the support of a neibor, Ed Lette, assisting when I built a Marconi wireless transmitter and receiver for a 7th grade science fair.  He spent less than a hour helping but his help made completion of the project possible.  You can with a little investment in time have a great impact on a students education.   Your support and feedback is essential to management of an effective section.  Support the AIAA NCS and we will have an excelent year and do great things for you and the students, future leaders of our industry.


Bruce Milam

Chairperson AIAA-NCS




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