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AIAA News AIAA News    4 8 years ago
Annual Meeting Annual Meeting  The NCS Annual Meeting, honors, awards  88 3 years ago
Archives by year Archives by year    220 3 years ago
Awards Awards    2 11 months ago
Consultants Corner Consultants Corner  NCS Consultants  2 7 years ago
Demler Award Demler Award    20 4 years ago
Employment Opportunities Employment Opportunities  Organizations wishing to post employment opportunities should send the notice to the web site manager at in one of the following formats: Microsoft Word (*.doc, *.docx); Open Document Format (*.odt); Portable Document Format (*.pdf); or plain text (*.txt).
Employment opportunities will be posted for a maximum of 30 days, then removed.  However, the hiring organization may request additional 30 day postings.
AIAA-NCS members interested in applying for any of the employment opportunities should apply directly to the organization per the instructions provided in the employment posting by that organization.   AIAA-NCS will not forward correspondence or applications to the employing organizations.
This page is maintained as a service to National Capital Section members.  AIAA-NCS does not rank or endorse the employment opportunities on this page, nor the organizations posting these opportunities.
Notices will be sent to all AIAA-NCS members and organizations periodically announcing the availability of employment opportunities on this page. 
0 2 years ago
E-Week Family Day E-Week Family Day    58 4 years ago
E-Week Future City E-Week Future City    93 3 months ago
Family Day 1 Family Day 1    0 4 years ago
Goldwater Educator Award Goldwater Educator Award    28 3 years ago
Meeting Minutes Meeting Minutes  Meeting Minutes  0 9 years ago
Membership News Membership News    2 7 years ago
NCS Annual Reports NCS Annual Reports    29 2 years ago
NCS Governing Documents NCS Governing Documents  By-Laws  1 8 years ago
Newsletters Newsletters    10 3 years ago
Presentations Presentations    5 2 years ago
Rocket Competition Rocket Competition    4 6 years ago
Science Fairs Science Fairs  NCS Supported Science Fairs.   47 12 months ago
Scientist/Engineer of the Year Scientist/Engineer of the Year    18 10 months ago
Southern Maryland Chapter Southern Maryland Chapter    2 6 years ago
SSTC Town Meeting SSTC Town Meeting    12 4 years ago
STEM STEM    1 4 years ago
Treasurers Report Treasurers Report    0 9 years ago
Web Pages Web Pages    3 4 years ago
Young Scientist/Engineer Award Young Scientist/Engineer Award    29 10 months ago

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OfficersPictures OfficersPictures    3 2 years ago
Pictures Archive Pictures Archive  Pictures by year from previous years to today  1134 9 months ago
This Week in Pictures This Week in Pictures    3 10 months ago


Announcements Announcements  Use the Announcements list to post messages on the home page of your site.  15 2 years ago
Calendar Calendar  Use the Calendar list to keep informed of National Capital Section sponsored or co-sponsored upcoming meetings, deadlines, and other important events.  188 3 months ago
Caml Query List Caml Query List  This custom list will be used by the U2U Developers tool to manage your CAML queries.  1 3 years ago
HitCounters HitCounters  HitCounters  7 13 minutes ago
Honors/Awards Honors/Awards  Honors and Awards presented by the National Capital Section.  24 4 years ago
Links Links  Use the Links list for links to Web pages that your team members will find interesting or useful.  4 7 years ago
NCS Vision NCS Vision  The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics is one of the oldest and largest aerospace-related associations. The AIAA has approximately 30,000 members across the nation and around the world. The National Capital Section (NCS), with approximately 3,000 members, is the largest section within AIAA. Our membership is comprised of members of industry, government, and academia. The mission of the AIAA is to serve the profession, by acting as a catalyst for information flow and creative exchange, providing forums where professionals can meet their counterparts in their own and allied desciplines and fields, present their findings and discoveries, and exchange views. Secondarily, we support the educational process which promotes future generations of aviation and space professionals by nuturing interest among students. </div>  0 9 years ago
Officers Officers  NCS Officers and Council  5 16 months ago
Polls Polls  Polling items  0 9 years ago
Survey Survey  Survey items  0 9 years ago
Tasks Tasks  Use the Tasks list to keep track of work that you or your team needs to complete.  0 9 years ago
Vision / Goals Vision / Goals    0 9 years ago

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Team Discussion Team Discussion  Use the Team Discussion list to hold newsgroup-style discussions on topics relevant to your team.  1 8 years ago


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