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Announcements: AIAA NFS Student Chapter Finishes in Top Half of Design, Build, Fly Competition


AIAA NFS Student Chapter Finishes in Top Half of Design, Build, Fly Competition 


The 2009 Cessna Aircraft Company/Raytheon Missile Systems Design/Build/Fly (DBF) Competition Flyoff was held at TIMPA Field in Tucson, AZ on the weekend of April 17-19, 2009. This was the 13th year the competition was held. Your University at Buffalo DBF team finished in 27th position, in the middle of the pack, with their airplane "Daedalus".  A total of 54 teams submitted written reports to be judged. 41 teams attended the flyoff, 39 of which completed the technical inspection. Approximately 600 students, faculty, and guests were present. Near ideal weather allowed for near non-stop flights to be conducted each day. Of the 133 official flight attempts, 49 resulted in a successful score divided among 32 teams.

The first two mission objectives for this year were to fly a high-drag payload, a simulated external fuel tank, both empty at high speed and full for endurance. The third mission was to fly an asymmetric load of wing stores, simulated missiles.  The flight score was the sum of the three flight scores. In addition to the flight tasks, teams had to design their complete system for the minimum weight with a constrained package size, and were timed on how quickly they could prepare their aircraft for flight. As usual, the total score is the product of the flight score and written report score. More details can be found at the competition website:

The UB team's written report is attached.


2008-2009 DBF Report.pdf    
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