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Greater Huntsville Section

 Officers and Directors


Photo by Arloe Mayne

2017-2018 Section Officers and Directors: (Left to Right) Mr. Brandon Stiltner, Dr. Naveen Vetcha,
Mr. Nishanth Goli, Dr. Felix Ewere, Mrs. Tamara Statham, Dr. Arloe Mayne,
Ms. Shannon Stump, Ms. Brittani Searcy, Mr. Chris Crumbly,
Major Alex Jehle, Dr. Joe Majdalani, Ms. Lauren Badia, Ms. Candice Dalton,
Dr. Tracie Prater, Ms. Kelly Burnham


Chairman Dr. Naveen Vetcha
Vice-Chairman Alex Jehle
Secretary Joseph A. Huwaldt
Treasurer Lauren Badia
Vice-Chairman, Mobile Robert "Bob" Coke
Communications Erin Walker
Education Dr. Felix Ewere
Honors & Awards Dr. Joe Majdalani
Immediate Past Chair Brandon Stiltner
Liaison to Student Branches Brittani Searcy
Liaison to Professional Societies Nishanth Goli
Membership Candice Dalton
Pre-College Outreach Open
Public Policy Chris Crumbly
Special Projects Dr. Tracie Prater
Young Professionals Tamara Statham
Webmaster Dr. Arloe Mayne
Newsletter Editor Kelly Burnham
Region II Director Dr. Kurt Polzin
AIAA Staff Liaison Rachel Dowdy

Click here to download 2017-2018 Council pictorial organization chart


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