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Mayor Nan Whaley
Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley spoke to a group of 17 AIAA and IEEE members at a Wednesday afternoon luncheon and town hall. Mayor Whaley discussed many of her initiatives, including improvements to the education system, strategic partnerships with Cincinnati and the region, and workforce development. Mayor Nan Whaley photo

For the Mayor's biography and more information, visit the City of Dayton

Mr. Barth Shenk

Mr. Shenk discussed the history and current testing of an Aerial Reconfigurable Embedded System, a VTOL flight module capable of cargo transport and medical evacuation. Twenty-four members gathered to share in the excitement as this new technology nears testing.

Read more about the DARPA ARES Program here

Event on the Calendar

AIAA AVIATION 2016 Conference

The AIAA AVIATION 2016 Conference was held 13-17 June 2016 at the Washington Hilton Hotel in Washington D. C. The Conference consisted of 303 Technical Sessions, 7 Plenary/Keynote Sessions, 10 Forums, 4 Special Sessions/Events, 5 Recognition Lectureships, 8 Best Paper Awards, and 2 Recognition Lunches. Over 1700 Technical Presentations were delivered during the 4½ day event, which was attended by more than 2000 participants. The Conference included Forum 360, which consisted of 9 panel discussions on topics of programs, systems, policy, operations, applications and platforms. Also part of the Conference, was the Demand for Unmanned Symposium, hosting 7 panel discussions and 5 sessions of invited speakers. The 6th AIAA CFD Drag Prediction Workshop and Regional Leadership Conference were also held in conjunction with the Conference. In a related event, the 2016 AIAA Fellows Dinner was held on 14 June 2016, during which 24 new Fellows and 3 new Honorary Fellows were recognized.

NMUSAF 4th Hangar Grand Opening

I'm proud to report that everyone that signed-up to help showed up and made our booth a GRAND SUCCESS!!! We had a constant stream of visitors and everyone had a great time; all the way to the end we had people coming up picking up literature and best of all making a project or two or three!

In addition to the straw-rocket design-build-launch, we added paper airplane and paper helicopter making activities, even a few Space Shuttles and Space Planes and 757's! We also tried out the "rocket balloon" propulsion demo and launched a balloon into the air! Based on the number of straws used, we must have generated over 400 rockets!

Attendees enjoyed themselves and had a chance to see the awesome displays in the new 4th Hangar as well as the existing areas 1, 2, & 3.

-- Dr. Jose Camberos

Social at a New Beavercreek Brewpub
New owners Tony Griffin and Brian Young hosted members of the local community at an open house for their new brew pub. The space is currently under renovation. While official opening will not occur for several more months, they hosted a happy hour and tours. Seven AIAA members attended to socialize, see the huge kitchen, and catch the vision
2016 Annual AIAA/ASME Awards Banquet

The Section year concludes with our annual awards banquet, co-hosted with ASME Dayton. The event includes a social, dinner, and an awards ceremony honoring all of our local and national award winners. During the social our High School (Science Fair) and middle school essay winners are invited to present their work to our professional and YP members. The demographic is composed of mostly Young Professionals (DCASS winners) and Professionals (Longevity, Associate Fellows and Fellows, National Award, and Section Award winners). The social allows award winners to meet each other and participate in informal networking before the meal and award presentations.

In addition to the typical awards presentations, the Dayton-Cincinnati Section kicked off its scholarship fund with an announcement and presentation of the initial donations. The scholarship will support students entering the aerospace field or related science fields.

The event has always been co-hosted with the Dayton ASME section. AIAA performs most of the planning and has more awards to distribute. The event typically has about 100 attendees.

Bill Brown - High Altitude Balloon Telemetry & Communications
Mr. Bill Brown, an engineer at Redstone Arsenal, discussed his activity developing balloon payloads that are 13 grams! The audience enjoyed copious pictures of the Earth from near-space, discussion of numerous efforts to build payloads, and just enough electrical engineering to tie it all together. Bill also discussed his Rockoon projects, showing extensive work with balloon-launched rockets.
Congressional Visits Day 2016

On March 16, members of AIAA from the Dayton-Cincinnati area, greater Ohio, and around the country travelled to Washington, D.C. to advocate for aerospace issues on Capitol Hill. Students from UC, UD, and OSU represented the Dayton-Cincinnati Section in meetings with Ohio’s congressional representatives in the House and Senate. AIAA members met with the Congressperson or a staff member for both Senators and most of the House Representatives from the state of Ohio.

Our members discussed the key issues which had been developed by the Public Policy Committee within the national AIAA Organization. The three main topics included federal funding and procurement, competitiveness and security, and workforce enhancement. More information can be found within the public policy portion of the AIAA website.

By introducing our organization to policy-makers and advocating for continued investment in aerospace and defense sectors, we help to ensure the continued success of the parts of our industry which rely on government funding as well strengthening the industry workforce in general.

--Brian Doman

2016 DCASS
On 2 March 2016, the 41st AIAA Dayton-Cincinnati Aerospace Sciences Symposium was held at Sinclair Community College. The one day conference consisted of 41 Technical Sessions, which were attended by more than 250 participants. Our Section is grateful for the efforts of Drs. Ryan Schmidt and Markus Rumpfkiel, who served as Executive Chair and Deputy Chair respectively, as well as many other Section members (too numerous to mention) who provided support for the Symposium. Over 150 abstracts were submitted, many by members of Dayton-Cincinnati Section. . A highlight of the Symposium, was an interesting and inspiring Keynote Address delivered by Lt. Col. Tucker “Cinco” Hamilton from the USAF Test Pilot School.
AIAA SciTech 2016 Conference
The AIAA SciTech 2016 Conference was held 4-8 January 2016 at the Manchester Grand Hyatt Hotel in San Diego, CA. The Conference consisted of 467 Technical Sessions, 4 Plenaries, 7 Forums, 6 Recognition Lectureships, 6 Educational Events, 2 Recognition Lunches, and the 2016 Associate Fellows Recognition Dinner. Over 2300 Technical Presentations were delivered during the 4½ day event, which was attended by more than 4000 participants. This ranks as the largest such conference ever sponsored by the AIAA. Many presentations (too many to count), were given by affiliates of the Dayton/Cincinnati Section. Of the 149 members who were elevated to Associate Fellow status at the Recognition Dinner, 3 were from our own Dayton/Cincinnati Section. Congratulations to new Associate Fellows Drs. John Doty (University of Dayton), Faure Joel Malo-Molina (AFRL, now Raytheon), and Xiaowen Wang (AFRL). During the Conference, Mike List presented the annual Dayton/Cincinnati Section report to AIAA National via telecon. Educational events held in conjunction with SciTech included The 2nd AIAA Aeroelastic Prediction Workshop, short courses on Systems Requirements Engineering and Guidance of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, and tutorials on Structural Dynamics of Rocket Engines and General Standards and Architecture.
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