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  Sites and Workspaces

Sharepoint Site Academic Affairs Committee  2 years ago
Sharepoint Site Aerospace America Steering Committee  9 years ago
Sharepoint Site Aerospace Department Chair Association  Aerospace Department Chair Association 10 months ago
Sharepoint Site Audit Committee  2 years ago
Sharepoint Site Board of Directors  AIAA Board of Directors 5 months ago
Sharepoint Site Board of Trustees  Board of Trustees (2017-2018) 10 months ago
Sharepoint Site Career and Professional Development Committee  Career and Professional Development Committee 7 months ago
Sharepoint Site Career and Workforce Development Committee  The Career and Workforce Development Committee monitors and develops programs which help professional members to expand their horizons and grow in the aerospace environment. It provides assistance to members on career planning. Additionally, the committee recommends specific actions focused on recruitment, engagement, and career-long retention of a highly-qualified technical workforce. 3 years ago
Sharepoint Site Corporate Member Advisory Committee  Corporate Member Advisory Committee 5 years ago
Sharepoint Site Corporate Member Committee  Consists of representatives from each of our corporate member companies 5 months ago
Sharepoint Site Council of Directors  Council of Directors (2017-2018) 10 months ago
Sharepoint Site Educational Activities Committee  The Educational Committees provide the leadership to promote the growth of today’s aerospace workforce and helpthe develop tomorrow’s aerospace professionals. 5 months ago
Sharepoint Site Emerging Technologies Committee  5 months ago
Sharepoint Site Ethics Committee  Ethics Committee 3 years ago
Sharepoint Site Foundation Trustees  Foundation Trustees 5 years ago
Sharepoint Site Honors and Awards Committee  AIAA Honors and Awards Committee The Committee was established in the 1960s and consists of no more than 24 members and 1 Chairperson. The committee meets at least two times a year in conjunction with the Board of Directors meetings. AIAA Bylaws 5.4.13: The Honors and Awards Committee shall develop and recommend to the Board policies and procedures relating to matters concerning the establishment and award of honors and awards. The Chairperson of the Honors and Awards Committee shall be appointed by the President with the approval of the Board and shall be invited to attend meetings of the Board and report on the activities of the Committee. 2 years ago
Sharepoint Site Institute Development Committee  13 months ago
Sharepoint Site International Activities Committee  The International Activities Committee (IAC) develops and recommends policies and procedures concerning the international activities of the Institute. 5 months ago
Sharepoint Site Membership Committee  5 months ago
Sharepoint Site Public Policy Committee  3 months ago
Sharepoint Site Publications Committee  2 years ago
Sharepoint Site Regional Engagement Activities Division  The Regional Engagement Activities Division provides leadership and direction to the 7 Regions and 57 Sections. 6 days ago
Sharepoint Site Standards Executive Council  9 years ago
Sharepoint Site STEM K-12 Committee  The mission of the AIAA STEM K-12 Outreach Committee is to foster engaging, interactive, “hands-on” teaching and learning of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) for students in grades K-12, and to generate technical excellence and interest in pursuing aerospace related careers to fulfill future workforce needs. 5 months ago
Sharepoint Site Student Activities Committee  5 months ago
Sharepoint Site Technical Activities Division  7 months ago
Sharepoint Site Young Professional Committee  The Young Professional Committee creates and implements programs to assist professional members 35 years of age or younger. Works with AIAA technical committees to enhance opportunities for young professional participation. Eases transition of early career professional members into the work force through specific programs designed to create professional awareness. AIAA defines the YP as professional members that are 35 years and younger, and no longer a full-time student. More often than not, young professionals get lumped in with student members. Young Professionals are considered early career professionals in the workforce. 5 months ago

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