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Membership Advancements

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Associate Fellow

Membership Advancements

Dear AIAA Member:

Enclosed for your consideration is the package for the advancement in member grade to Associate Fellow.  This package includes a nomination form, reference forms (3), and a copy of the evaluation form, which is used by the committee as a guideline to judge nominees (it is included for your information only). Please note the following guidelines:

  • “Associate Fellows shall be persons who have accomplished or been in charge of important engineering or scientific work, or who have done work of outstanding merit or have otherwise made outstanding contributions to the arts, sciences, or technology of aeronautics or astronautics.” (Article III 3.2 AIAA Constitution)
  • “Associate Fellows may be nominated by any member in good standing and shall be approved for upgrade by the Membership Committee.  A maximum of 1 Associate Fellow for every 150 voting members may be upgraded annually.  Nominees must be AIAA Senior Members, have 12 years professional experience, and furnish three (3) references of Associate Fellow grade or higher.  An Associate Fellow Grade Committee, appointed by the Vice President-Member Services and composed of active Associate Fellows representative of the broad interest of the Institute, shall review and evaluate the applications of nominees, and shall recommend to the Membership Committee the candidates for upgrade.  (AIAA Bylaw 3.1.4)
  • Complete the nomination form. Attaching additional pages only where necessary. PLEASE DO NOT INCLUDE RESUME
  • The completed original nomination form must be sent to AIAA by April 15.
  • The nominator must seek three (3) current AIAA members of Associate Fellow grade or higher to act as reference for the nominee. Once the nomination is submitted, the references will automatically be sent an email providing instructions for completing the reference form. It is the responsibility of the nominator to ensure that all references forms are submitted to AIAA by MAY 15.
  • The Committee will not review incomplete nomination packages.
  • The newly elected Associate Fellows will be announced December 1.

 If you have any questions, please contact the AIAA Associate Fellow Grade Administrator at 703/264-7537.

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