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General Aviation Technical Committee


The General Aviation Technical Committee seeks to foster research and development related to general-aviation technologies and systems, including support systems and safety.

It serves as an advocate for general aviation, promoting improved public understanding and addressing airport, airspace and air-traffic-control issues.

It recommends to the AIAA Technical Activities Committee (TAC) policies and procedures relating to matters concerned with technical and professional activities within general aviation.

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AIAA Social Media Policy11/2/2016 8:32 AM
by Betty GuillieNo presence information
AIAA has a Social Media Policy! Many committees (along with regions, sections and branches) have "unofficial"-official AIAA pages on Facebook, Twitter, etc. The policy isn't meant to be a set of rules that would constrain activity on those pages; it just outlines what the Institute would consider to be inappropriate content for an AIAA-branded page and explains what to do in the case of a hack or account compromise. To access the Social Media Policy, please click on this link:

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Anthony Linn
Affiliation :A. B. Linn PE

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