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AIAA Social Media Policy11/2/2016 8:32 AM
by Betty GuillieNo presence information
AIAA has a Social Media Policy! Many committees (along with regions, sections and branches) have "unofficial"-official AIAA pages on Facebook, Twitter, etc. The policy isn't meant to be a set of rules that would constrain activity on those pages; it just outlines what the Institute would consider to be inappropriate content for an AIAA-branded page and explains what to do in the case of a hack or account compromise. To access the Social Media Policy, please click on this link:

Forum Locations and Dates for 20177/20/2016 10:02 AM
by Betty GuillieNo presence information
The dates and locations for the 2017 forums have been finalized.

AIAA Science and Technology Forum and Exposition

9-13 January

Gaylord Texan

Grapevine, TX


AIAA Defense Forum

25-27 April

Applied Physics Lab, JHU

Laurel, MD


AIAA Aviation and Aeronautics Forum and Exposition

5-9 June

Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel

Denver, CO


AIAA Propulsion and Energy Forum and Exposition

10-12 July

Hyatt Regency Atlanta

Atlanta, GA


AIAA Space and Astronautics Forum and Exposition

12-14 September

Hyatt Regency Orlando

Orlando, FL


 Membership List

Count = 41
Laureano CangahualaMEMBER, CHAIRNASA Jet Propulsion
Moriba JahMEMBER, CHAIR ELECTAir Force Reseach
Lauri NewmanMEMBER, SECNASA-Goddard Space Flight
Ryan P. RussellMEMBER, WEBSITE EDITORUniversity of Texas at
Daniel ScheeresMEMBER, SUBCOM CHAIR- AWARDSUniversity of Colorado
Felix HootsMEMBER, SUBCOM CHAIR- CONFThe Aerospace
Ossama AbdelkhalikMEMBER, SUBCOM CHAIR- BEST PAPERMichigan Technological
Renato ZanettiMEMBER, SUBCOM CHAIR- TECHNASA Johnson Space
Alan JenkinMEMBERThe Aerospace
Alan LovellMEMBERAir Force Reseach
Alfred TrederALUMNI
Angela BowesMEMBERNASA-Langeley Research
Antonio ElipeINTLMEMUniversity of
Brandon JonesMEMBERUniversity of
Brett NewmanMEMBEROld Dominion
Brian GunterMEMBERGeorgia Institute of
Cameron MeekMEMBEROrbital Sciences
Craig McLaughlinMEMBERThe University of
David McKinleyMEMBERai
David SpencerMEMBERThe Pennsylvania State
Donald MackisonMEMBERUniversity of Colorado
James MillerALUMNI
James TurnerMEMBERTexas A&M
Jon SimsMEMBERJet Propulsion
Keith JenkinsMEMBERKeith L. Jenkins, Registered Patent Attoreny,
Kenneth HornemanMEMBERBarron Associates.
Kyle DeMarsMEMBERMissouri University of Science and
Mark PittelkauALUMNI MEMBERAerospace Control Systems
Ryan ParkMEMBERJet Propulsion
Shan JinjunINTLMEMYork
Stefano CasottoINTLMEMUniversita di
Thomas StarchvilleMEMBERThe Aerospace
William CervenMEMBERThe Aerospace
Yanping GuoMEMBERJohns Hopkins University Applied Physics
Zhiqiang ZhouMEMBERNASA-Langeley Research

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There are currently no upcoming events.


The scope of the Astrodynamics Technical Committee includes determination, prediction, physical adjustment, and optimization of trajectories in space; space navigation and mission analysis; perturbation theories and expansions; spacecraft attitude dynamics and estimation.

The Astrodynamics Technical Committee works in close cooperation with the Space Flight Mechanics Commitee of the American Astronautical Society. Jointly, these committees host two conferences annually: the Space Flight Mechanics Meeting (SFM) and the Astrodynamics Specialist Conference (ASC). A wiki page for members is available here.

This committee is looking for prospective members in the following disciplines: space trajectory design, prediction, estimation, correction, optimization, computation and analysis; celestial mechanics, space navigation, optimal filtering and orbit determination; re-entry trajectories, and spacecraft attitude dynamics.


 Chair Information

Moriba Jah
Affiliation :The University of Arizona

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