Second AIAA Workshop on

Benchmark Problems for Airframe Noise Computations



7-8 June 2012, Antlers Hilton Hotel, Colorado Springs, CO

Organized by AIAA Discussion Group on Benchmark Experiments and Computations for Airframe Noise

Co-sponsored by AIAA Aeroacoustics and Fluid Dynamics Technical Committees



§  Foreword

§  Workshop Announcement and Category Leads

§  Presentation Guidelines

§  Workshop Presentations


Thursday, June 7, 2012


08:00 Welcome Remarks (Meelan Choudhari, NASA)


Category 1: Trailing Edge Noise

Herr, M.

(Problem Statement + Overview of Contributions)

20 minutes

Casalino, EXA


Computational Results

(15 min. each incl. 3 minutes minimum

for Q & A)

Ewert, DLR

Kamruzzaman, IAG

Albarracin, U. Adelaide (Brief writeup here)

Jothiprasad/Cheung, GE Global Research

Herr, M. (Summary & Discussion)

40 min.


Category 2: Inline Tandem Cylinders

Hutcheson, NASA

(Additional Measurements)

15 minutes each

(incl. 3 min minimum for Q & A)


Strelets, NTS

Greschner, TUB

Fares, EXA

Summary and Discussion

20 min


Category 3: Rudimentary Landing Gear (RLG)

Spalart, Boeing

(Introduction + Experiment)

15 min

Strelets, NTS 

15 min each

(incl. 3 minutes minimum for Q & A)


Greschner, TUB
Larssen, Boeing
Ueno, KHI
Armstrong (McGill) and Casalino, EXA

Wetzel, Boeing

Spalart, Boeing (Summary & Discussion)

35 min


Category 4:

Partially Dressed Cavity Closed Nose Landing Gear (PDCC-NLG)


(Introduction + Experiment)

  5 min

Cattafesta, FSU (New LDV Results)

15 min each

(incl. 3 min Q & A)


Ueno, KHI

Casalino, EXA

Vuillot, ONERA

Khorrami, NASA (8-9 min)

Vilela De Abreu

Vatsa, NASA

Khorrami, NASA (Summary & Discussion)

30 min


Friday, June 8, 2012


Category 5: ONERA/Airbus LAGOON Landing Gear

Manoha (ONERA)/Caruelle(Airbus)

(Introduction + Experiment)

80 min for total session

Sanders, ONERA

Lockard, NASA

Zhang, Southampton

Casalino, EXA

Summary & Discussion



Category 6: DLR Slat Noise Configuration

Pott-Pollenske, Delfs (DLR)/Manoha (ONERA)

(Introduction + Experiments + Discussion)

30 min



Category 7: NASA Slat Noise Configuration

Choudhari, NASA

(Introduction + Experiment)

15 min

Lockard, NASA

15 minutes each

(incl. 3 min Q & A)


Imamura, JAXA

Jansson/Hoffmann, KTH

Simoes, Embraer (powerpoint version here)

Lew, EXA

Ewert, DLR
Pascioni/Cattafesta, FSU (Additional Measurements)

10 min

Yamamoto, JAXA (Future Measurements)

  5 min

Summary & Discussion

30 min.



Category 8: Acoustic Propagation Phase of Airframe Noise Prediction

Lopes (NASA), Ikeda, Imamura (JAXA), and Redonnet (ONERA)

40 min total

Summary & Discussion



BANC-II Discussion & BANC-III Planning

Brief Remarks

  3 min

New Configurations?

10 min

Discussion (Where to go from here?)

50 min

Closing Remarks

  2 min

BANC-III investments begin….




These proceedings contain only a subset of the presentations at the BANC-II Workshop that were submitted for online dissemination.  If additional presentations become available, they will be made available in due course of time.