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Japan Forum Subcommittee

 AIAA Japan Forum on Satellite Communications



General Information


  • Dr. Hajime Fukuchi
    Hino, 221-0075, Japan 191-0065
    >+81-42-585-8660 (phone)


  • Dr. Hiromitsu Wakana

    +81-22-713-7513 (phone)


At the November 20, 1998 meeting, the Communications Systems Technical Committee (CMSTC) unanimously approved the creation of the AIAA Japan Forum on Satellite Communications (AIAA-JFSC) as a Subcommittee of the CMSTC.

The purpose of the AIAA-JFSC is to continue AIAA Communications Systems activities in Japan, following the successful 1998 AIAA 17th Communications Satellite Systems Conference and Exhibit (ICSSC-17) in Yokohama. The AIAA-JFSC will provide the following opportunities :

  • Hold regional meetings, conferences, activities and presentations, including the 21st Communications Satellite Systems Conference and Exhibit (ICSSC-21) in Yokohama on April 14-18, 2003, and future ICSSC conferences.
  • Facilitate communications networking in Japan and the Asia Pacific
  • Have active participation in the satellite communications industry.
  • Be active in promotion of AIAA members to higher grades
  • Identify members for major AIAA awards, as well as Japan Aerospace Communications awards
  • Provide information exchange about the industry and AIAA via a regional publication in the Japanese language (the Space Japan Review) and multimedia.

The Inaugural Meeting of the Japan Forum took place on January 27, 1999 in Yokohama.

Subcommittee Information


The Chair of this subcommittee will report the activities and status of the AIAA Japan Forum to the CMSTC and encourage the members of the CMSTC to support the Japan Forum and to contribute to articles for the Space Japan Review.


The Japan Forum in 2001 had about 100 members (out of an estimated 650 possible AIAA members in Japan). They would like to extend an invitation to US AIAA members to join the Japan Forum.

Space Japan Review Magazine

The Japan Forum began to issue the Space Japan Review magazine on a monthly basis in January 1999. Starting with issue No. 6 it has become bilingual in Japanese and English and issued on a bi-monthly basis. Further the Space Japan Review has been issued on a web basis since the April-May issue of 2001. The Japanese version of the Space Japan Review is on the web at The English version of the Space Japan Review is available on the web at Further information in both Japanese and English about the Japan Forum can be found at

Please contact the Japan Forum to submit papers for publication.


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