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The Communications Systems Technical Committee (CMSTC) supports activities that advance the field of satellite communications and services, and related disciplines. It's mandate is to:

  • Organize theInternational Communications Satellite Systems Conferences (ICSSC),
  • Encourage and facilitate networking among space communications professionals around the world, and
  • Address critical satellite communications issues and disseminate such information widely.

The CMSTC has a number of active subcommittees:

The CMSTC also evaluates nominations and performs the selection for the prestigious annual Aerospace Communications Award

A key initiative of the CMSTC has been to encourage international participation in the Committee. This is illustrated by the sponsorship and organization of ICSSC, not only in the United States, but also in Asia and Europe. Another initiative has been the creation of an AIAA Japan Forum to facilitate communications networking in Japan and the Asia Pacific.

The CMSTC focuses on the broad range of technical, programmatic and regulatory issues related to domestic and international commercial, government and military communications systems and networks. Such systems and networks include spaceborne, airborne and terrestrial elements. The scope of these issues includes: acquisition and transmission of voice, data and imagery; interfacing with terrestrial and space communications systems and networks; monitoring and control of space segments, systems and networks; and development and implementation of standards for the above.

Committee members from industry and academe are typically involved in activities such as: development and evaluation of requirements; concept development for system and network architectures; systems and network modeling, analysis and simulation; design and development of systems and networks or component technologies and subsystems; and systems testing and evaluation. Applicable expertise include: network, systems and communication theory and analysis; electromagnetic theory applied to antennas, transmission lines, devices and propagation; information and signal processing techniques and technologies; hardware and software research, design, development, implementation and testing; regulatory constraints (FCC, ITU, ISO, etc.); business case development and market forecasting; and related technologies such as launch vehicles and space qualification, reliability and quality control.

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Peter J Garland
Affiliation :MacDonald Dettwiler & Assoc Corp

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