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Changes to the AIAA Technical Excellence Awards eligibility requirements  


AIAA TC and PC Chairs,


As a result of feedback and discussions at both the Technical Activities Committee and the Honors and Award Committee meetings last week in Nashville, the following changes to the AIAA Technical Excellence Awards eligibility requirements have been made, effective immediately:


1.     A minimum of three valid award nominations (any combination of new or carryover) are required to be on file at AIAA by the nomination deadline (either 1 Feb, 1 July, or 1 October, respectively).  The previous requirements requiring either one or two NEW nominations during each award cycle have been eliminated.   It should be noted that exceptions to the minimum requirements will NOT be granted.  Committees are strongly encouraged to maintain a healthy pool of nominees above the minimum and guard against any potential removals of a nomination, either at the request of the nominee/nominator or due to the death of a nominee in advance of the nomination deadline.  Recall that all nominations expire three calendar years after their submittal. 


2.     The time required for being off a committee for being considered for that committee-sponsored award has been reduced from two years to one year after the end of the membership term on the committee.  Membership terms on both TCs and PCs expire on April 30th and not during the middle of the year.  Those members would then become eligible for nominations that occur after April 30th of the following year.  “Members” are defined as any member you list on your active roster that is one file with Betty Guillie.


3.      It is mandated the those committees that sponsor a Technical Excellence Award create a “Nominations Committee” (if you do not already have one) for ensuring an adequate nomination pool.  This committee should operate independently of the Award Evaluation/Selection Subcommittee.  A convenient mechanism to staff the Nominations Subcommittee is to use past TC/PC chairs or past award winners to populate this subcommittee.  It is our experience that committees that do not have a proactive mechanism for identifying nominations will have trouble maintaining an adequate nomination pool from cycle to cycle and risk not presenting the award or having the award eventually dissolved.


I will reiterate again that the exceptions to the minimum of three nominations will NOT be granted under any circumstance.  Even if you get 4+ nominations in a given year, it is a good practice to solicit at least one or two new nominations for every award cycle.  This will ensure a more than adequate pool. 


Please contact Sanjay Garg, TAC Liaison to HAC, or myself with any questions.  These changes are being included in the guidelines for the Award and Sanjay can make it available to you.




AIAA VP for Technical Activities


Created at 1/14/2012 5:21 PM  by Mannepalli Y Rao 
Last modified at 1/14/2012 5:21 PM  by Mannepalli Y Rao 
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