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Infotech 2013 Information 


Dear ISG TC Chairs: Following is some information on I@A 2013, which will be held in conjunction with GN&C/AFM/MST in the Boston area in August, 2013. I will be the General Chair for I@A 2013, and Fernando Figueroa will be the Technical Program Chair. --> 1. Please review the attached CfP for Infotech ... it is a copy of the CfP for I@A2012, that should be revised to reflect the changes that we think should be made in topic areas. Karen's note on a "few things to consider" summarizes the basic considerations rather well. Please identify any significant areas of change that think should be implemented, and either mark up the Cfp or list your comments. According to Karen's note, she needs to get this back by 1 April, so please get your comments back a few days earlier. Please cc: Fernando on this. I am copying this year's Topic Chairs on this request because some of them may have comments based on what they saw in papers submitted this year. Comments from both ISG TCs and Topic Chairs are welcome. --> 2. We must begin the selection process for a Deputy Technical Chair for 2013 (Fernando's Deputy), who -- according to current I@A guidelines -- will become Technical Chair for 2014 and General Chair for 2015. I have some candidates already in mind to propose, but the ISG community -- in the form of TC Chairs -- should also propose names of persons who they feel would be good candidates for this position. Please consider this carefully and contact me with suggested candidates. Again, please cc: Fernando. Tim Howard


AIAA Infotech 2012 CFP final text export.doc    
GNC-AFM-MST-ASC 2012 CFP Text.docx    
GNC-AFM-MST-IA 2013 Milestones-Deadlines.xlsx    
IA Call for Papers 2012.pdf    
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