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1st Bi-Annual Congressional Aerospace Policy Retreat 1st Bi-Annual Congressional Aerospace Policy Retreat    0 7 years ago
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agenda for the 1st Bi-Annual Congressional Aerospace Policy Retreat agenda for the 1st Bi-Annual Congressional Aerospace Policy Retreat  Dear TC and PC Chairs:
Please see the attached flyer and tentative agenda for the 1st Bi-Annual Congressional Aerospace Policy Retreat taking place at the Senate Visitors Center in Washington DC on 18 March 2011.

Please forward to the members on your committee.

For additional information, please contact Ross Bell at

1 7 years ago
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Mentors needed for 400 STEM female and underrepresented students Mentors needed for 400 STEM female and underrepresented students  For the first time in MentorNet's history we have more protégés than mentors! Currently there are 400 STEM female and underrepresented students that need a mentor. Students need your help! By spending 15 minutes a week via email, you can help a student graduate and prepare for a career in a STEM related field and: 
• Increase your professional network
• Improve your management and communications skills
• Improve your skills for recruiting new talent
• Help a student graduate and prepare for a career in STEM
Please take a look at :
"I learned many things the hard way as I became an engineer. It feels good to know that I can pass those lessons to the next generation in a less painful way."                                                                                                            - Karen Smith, Mentor
Now more than ever, students are looking for a Mentor to help guide them through these rough times.
Thank You,
The MentorNet Team

0 7 years ago
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TC meeting at Infotech@Aerospace TC meeting at Infotech@Aerospace    1 7 years ago

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2011 TC the December Year-in-Review issue of Aerospace America 2011 TC the December Year-in-Review issue of Aerospace America  ------ Forwarded Message
From: Gregory Wilson <>
Date: Wed, 29 Jun 2011 15:13:06 -0400
To: Rao Mannepalli <>
Cc: James Paunicka <>
Subject: Software Systems

Hello Rao,

I am writing to request a submission from your Technical Committee for a highlights article for the December Year-in-Review issue of Aerospace America.  The guidelines are the same as last year, with all articles to be limited to 600 words in length and may contain no more than two supporting graphics. Please see the enclosed set of guidelines for complete details.

The article is due on Friday, September 23. Until then, if you have any questions or require any further information, please feel free to contact me at any time.

Best regards,

PS – I’ve also enclosed a PDF of last year’s Software Systems article for you to refer to for style and format.
Greg Wilson
Production Editor, Aerospace America
1801 Alexander Bell Drive, Suite 500
Reston, VA 20191

4 6 years ago
2012 I@A 2012 I@A  Dscussion with ATIO and MAO to explore a possibility for collocation in 2012  5 7 years ago
Algorithms for the Masses Algorithms for the Masses  Two unfortunate developments in education:  Many computer science
students are not required to understand the basic precepts of science,
and many science and engineering students are not exposed to basic
precepts of computer science (beyond a few specific programming
tools).  In both cases, students are being shortchanged.
1 7 years ago
Computer science education Computer science education    6 7 years ago
Discussing the Graduate Certificate Program in Space Systems Engineering Discussing the Graduate Certificate Program in Space Systems Engineering  Can we think something like this for "Software Engineering?

-- Rao

Lunch and Learn - FREE WEBINAR!
Discussing the Graduate Certificate Program in Space Systems Engineering
The Stevens Institute of Technology is hosting a free webinar to introduce prospective students to the first course of the Graduate Certificate Program in Space Systems Engineering. On 7 April 2011, from 1200-1300 hrs EDT, Dr. Peter D. McQuade, PhD, Distinguished Service Professor in the School of Systems and Enterprises, Stevens Institute of Technology will discuss the features of Course SYS 625: Fundamentals of Systems Engineering. The course presents the fundamental principles and processes for designing effective systems, including how to determine customer needs, how to distinguish between needs and solutions, and how to translate customer requirements into design specifications. The focus is on designing systems that not only provide the required capabilities, but that are reliable, supportable and maintainable throughout their life-cycle. The course concludes with a Systems Requirements Review (SRR) in which students present their class projects. To participate in the free Webinar, visit to register. For those interested in participating via telephone, rather than online, call 1.201.549.7623 (PIN#: 04518390).
0 7 years ago
Discussion Test Discussion Test  Testing the Discussion Board  1 7 years ago
Future Conference Strategy Future Conference Strategy  -------- Original Message --------
Subject: Future Conference Strategy
From: "Rao Mannepalli" <>
Date: Wed, January 11, 2012 7:20 am
To: <>

Please send your comments to Jim (our Chair for conferences)
0 6 years ago
Future Conference Strategy (Jan-2012) Future Conference Strategy (Jan-2012)  The documents are available at:
Please post your comments as reply to this discussion
James Murphy
0 6 years ago
I@A 2012 conference. I@A 2012 conference.  Dear TC chairs,
This is in regards to the I@A 2012 conference. I would like to let you know that the conference planning committee has been working diligently with AIAA on the location and time frame for the conference. Previously, there was a discussion of collocating with the ATIO / MAO conference in 2012, but that option has since been ruled out for I@A 2012. Since then, the conference planning committee is converging on a location in Anaheim and a time frame in the middle of June. The decision on the timing reflects the general preference of the TCs based on the polling data that the planning committee previously requested from the TCs.
With regards to the conference location, AIAA has conducted a venue search in both the LA and Honolulu areas. Several hotels were considered, but those properties in Honolulu generally run at higher rates and also require extra meeting room rental that would add $12K to $15K to the budget. This cost would be passed on as an increase in the registration fee which could potentially result in a lower attendance. Therefore, AIAA did not recommend pursuing Honolulu any further. The conference planning committee concurred with the recommendation and proceeded to identify Anaheim as the venue location. The other locations considered were LA downtown, Irvine, Long Beach, and Newport Beach. Those hotels in LA downtown, Long Beach and Newport Beach all have lodging rates that well exceed the US government per diem rate for LA. Thus, Anaheim is seen to be a better offer.
The conference planning committee would like to provide an opportunity to the TC chairs to provide any feedback on the venue location in Anaheim in 2012 before they finalize the selection. Specifically, they would like to know if there is any strong reservation about this location that could prevent your TC from fully participating in the I@A 2012. The conference planning committee has indicated that they would like to get your inputs in by this Thursday if possible since the deadline to send AIAA the Call for Papers is coming up on March 7. Please keep in mind that there may be a limited opportunity to revisit any of the other locations that AIAA has provided, so if you have any good suggestions that can strongly justify why the conference should be held at an alternate location, they also would like to hear.

Please send any suggestions directly to the 2012 General Chair: Nhan Nguyen (
Thanks very much!
Jim Neidhoefer

0 7 years ago
NASA’s Space Launch System Unveile NASA’s Space Launch System Unveile    1 6 years ago
Predicting Faults in Large Software Systems Predicting Faults in Large Software Systems  What are your thoughts on this? Have you ever tried this? I will try to get the slides and post them

Upcoming Princeton ACM/ IEEE Computer Society Meetings and Events

Thursday Mar. 17, 8pm - "Predicting Faults in Large Software Systems,"  Elaine Weyuker, AT&T.

 Predicting Faults in Large Software Systems by Elaine Weyuker, AT&T

What is the best strategy for testing a large software system?  If we have some historical information about the system, we might be able to guess which source files will have the largest number of faults. 

This talk will presen t work (done jointly with Thomas Ostrand and Robert Bell) which used a regression model and information collected about past faults and changes to predict the number of faults in subsequent releases.  Putting the files in descending order of predicted faults and selecting the highest 20% showed the predictions to be extremely accurate.

Elaine Weyuker is an AT&T fellow doing software research, with a focus on software fault prediction, software testing, and software metrics and measurement.  She is also the chair of the ACM Women's Council (ACM-W) and a member of the Executive Committee of the Coalition to Diversify Computing.

  Date: Thursday March 17, 2011, 8pm
  Place: Princeton University Computer Science Building  ; Small Auditorium, Room CS 105,
    Olden and William Streets, Princeton NJ
  Information: Dennis Mancl (908) 582-7086, Jan Buzydlowski (610) 902-8343
  On-line info:

All ACM / IEEE-CS meetings are open to the public. Students and their parents are welcome.  There is no admission charge.

Future Princeton ACM/ IEEE Computer Society Meetings

Thursday Apr. 21 - "Surveillance or Security: The Risks Posed by  New Wiretapping Technologies," Susan Landau, Radcliffe Institute  for Advanced Study
Thursday May 19 - Augmented Reality, Steve Feiner, Columbia University.

0 7 years ago
Software Engineering Software Engineering    1 7 years ago
TC direction and Pace of Change:  Please voice your view TC direction and Pace of Change: Please voice your view  TC direction and Pace of Change:  Please voice your view
• I am aware that some members are perturbed by the direction of the TC and/or the pace of change.
• In order to provide an opportunity to all the TC members, I am putting all the points in my TC chair vision statement for a vote (please see the discussion board).
• Please post a replay with the list of initiatives in my vision statement, which you oppose.
• If more than 50% of the people on this mailing list oppose any initiative then I will NOT pursue it.
• You need not do anything if you do not oppose any of them.
• The list of initiatives are listed in the next slide

List of items on my Vision statement (dated Dec 2009) for TC

1. Make SSTC as active as Solid Rockets TC, which is one of the biggest and most active TCs. People wait in line for joining that.

2. Separate SSTC from CSTC.

3. Have full 30 – 35 members and another 30-35 non-voting members

4. Encourage and recruit members from other aerospace faring nations outside USA (India, China, Brazil, Russia, Korea, Israel, France and Germany etc.). I want to use my contacts in those countries to get members

5. Move SSTC from the Software Engineering process centric (which is mostly sterile) approach to Actual Software Systems centric (Mostly creative (some thing Similar to IEEE Software)) focus.

6. Use the modern multi-media communications in-lieu of face-to-face meetings (which are the first on the chopping block in these days of tight travel/training budgets)

7. Make it possible for people to call in and/or e-mail.

8. Form sub-committees (again like Solid Rockets Subcommittee)

9. Make the work of the subcommittees equal in quality to that of Congressional fellows of AIAA

10. Collaborate and cooperate more with IEEE (I have become an Editor of ,IEEE Aerospace and Electronics Systems (AESS) magazine) and ACM. In fact AIAA and IEEE-AESS are co-sponsors of a joint conference.

11. Make it appealing and interesting for Academics and Industrial Researchers (Google, CISCO, Microsoft, ISRO, HAL, NAL, InfoSys, Wipro etc.)

12. Bring an international character.

13. Arrange lectures by distinguished people. Coordinate with the efforts like Lockheed Martin-IEEE webinar Series for Software and Systems Initiative.  I want to work with other such efforts from Boeing, Raytheon, GD, ING, Google etc.

14. Start an “Angels Program” similar to the one existed in Bell Labs where deserving members will be encouraged and helped to advance their memberships in AIAA and other sister professional Societies, and win Awards.

15. Start an effective Mentoring/Networking program.

16. Make SSTC a catalyst for collaborative Research efforts (e.g. smart Grid, Cyber Security etc.)
2 7 years ago
TC meeting at ASM-2011 TC meeting at ASM-2011    12 7 years ago
Team Discussion Team Discussion  Use the Team Discussion list to hold newsgroup-style discussions on topics relevant to your team.  0 9 years ago
Technology Technology    3 7 years ago
Why Software Is Eating The World - WSJ Why Software Is Eating The World - WSJ
1 6 years ago


Infotech Face-to-Face meeting Infotech Face-to-Face meeting  We will be holding a face-to-face meeting at Infotech this year.  For those not attending Infotech, we will set up a dial-in number.  5 6 years ago

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